19 Apr Interview: Mars One candidate Adriana Marais

In this episode of the TechCentral podcast, Duncan McLeod chats to Adriana Marais, one of the 100 people worldwide shortlisted by the Mars One project to travel to the Red Planet to establish a human colony.

Marais stands a good chance of being one of the first people in history to set foot on the surface of another planet. And, if she goes, she isn't coming back!

Marais, who recently joined business software giant SAP as head of innovation for Africa, talks in the podcast about what got her interested in science -- she has a PhD in physics -- and what's involved in getting to Mars.

What is Mars One? How is it being funded? How did Marais react when she found out she'd made the shortlist? What's involved in travelling to the planet and actually landing on its surface? What will it take to build a human colony there? And how does she feel about never coming home?

All these questions, and plenty more, are answered in this fascinating and wide-ranging discussion. This is one podcast you don't dare miss!
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