Steelco - Episode 44

Steelco, led by Mike Eglington, stands as a cornerstone in KwaZulu-Natal's steel sector. Founded in Pietermaritzburg, the company has cemented its position as a premier supplier and stockist of a wide array of steel products, catering to fabricators, consumers, and various industrial users. From flat sheets to square tubes, Steelco offers a comprehensive range of steel solutions essential for construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure development.
14 May English South Africa Business News · Business

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East Coast Board (Pty) LTd - Episode 50

East Coast Board, a prominent board manufacturing business in KwaZulu-Natal, is managed by Salona Lutchman Sewgoolam and Sandheer Sewgoolam. Founded in 1997 by Ramesh Lutchman, the business started with modest resources but has since grown significantly under the stewardship of the second generation. Learn more about East Coast Board, this…
25 Jun 4 min

Beapo - Episode 49

Beapo, founded by Siyabonga Gule, is making waves in the business community of KwaZulu-Natal. Specialising in strategic sourcing, Beapo helps businesses optimise their supply chains, focusing on cost efficiency, reliability, and certainty. This service is particularly important for large organisations with complex procurement needs.
18 Jun 3 min

Ample Power - Episode 48

Ample Power, led by Chief Executive Officer James Siedle for 15 years, has become a cornerstone in KwaZulu-Natal's energy solutions landscape. Specialising in comprehensive power systems integrating solar, battery, and generator technologies, they cater to diverse clients—from residential homes to large commercial properties. Learn more about Ample Power, this week's…
11 Jun 4 min

L'Atelier Paris - Episode 47

Learn more about L'Atelier Paris, this week's KZN Future 50 featured business. L'Atelier Paris, founded by Jean-Philippe Avenel, brings the charm of French luxury to our very own Umhlanga. Located in The Oceans Mall, this boutique offers a stunning selection of fine watches and jewellery from brands like Cartier, TAG…
4 Jun 5 min

Intellisec- Episode 46

Intellisec, led by Managing Director Denzil Steyn, is a key player in the security and systems integration sector in South Africa. The company specialises in the installation and integration of cameras, access control systems, fire detection, and voice evacuation systems into various environments, including buildings, shopping centres, and warehouses. Their…
28 May 4 min