Introducing the "So What?" Podcast

Introducing the "So What?" podcast
If I say “Ruda Landman” I’m pretty sure that for most South Africans the Carte Blanche music and Sunday nights come to mind. For years, Ruda was, along with her colleagues at Carte Blanche, the source of hot topic reporting and important insights, and just because she’s no longer on the show, doesn’t mean that incredible journalistic brain has stopped assessing the world in its unique way. Considering her husband JP Landman is political economic analyst, I’m pretty sure the big issue delving continues to this day in the Landman home. Imagine what that dinner table conversation is like! Well, the Landmans thought their dinner table conversations were pretty interesting too, so they started recording them, and now, it’s a podcast!
The first 11 episodes were literally recorded around their dinner table so you’ll hear a little difference in the audio quality when they move into studio conditions, but the conversations and insights are incredible throughout. I highly recommend finding the So What podcast wherever you listen to True Crime South Africa and get that familiar voice back into your ears. Instagram · Pinterest · Facebook · YouTube · Twitter · LinkedIn
5 May English Explicit South Africa True Crime · News

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