Pat Terry advice on how to maintain excellence

Pat Terry advice on how to maintain excellence
4 Mar English South Africa Education · Careers

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RU120 - a legacy in motion

For 120 years, Rhodes University has shaped history. Rhodes University is more than an educational institution; we are a legacy in motion. Be part of the legacy. Rhodes University. Where leaders learn.
3 May 1 min

Zola Mbinda on her childhood

Mbinda ’s role as an ambassador for the university aligns perfectly with the life she has lived, which revolved around education and academia, as the daughter of a Statistician, who planted the seeds of education, and paved the way for Mbinda’s journey in academia.
25 Mar 1 min

Zola Mbinda on joining Rhodes University

As a lecturer at the university, her contributions have been immense, within her department and outside of it, as she has achieved many great things as a result of her hard work and determination
25 Mar 2 min

Zola Mbinda on her experience with other students

Mbinda speaks about her academic journey, explaining her dissertation and the process of creating it. Although the journey may seem lonely for many, and isolating, Mbinda’s experience has been one for the books.
25 Mar 1 min