The Beautiful Impact of Loving Your Neighbour

Thoughtful acts of kindness can leave an impression for a lifetime…and they can also introduce us or someone else to Christ. Pat Linnell explains how serving and loving others is not a small thing in God’s kingdom.
28 Mar 6PM English South Africa Society & Culture · Religion & Spirituality

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Fighting For Joy As A Special Needs Parent

He thought his faith was strong. But when his son was diagnosed with autism, Jason Hague began to question everything he knew about God. Jason shares what it’s like to live with a constantly unanswered prayer — and unpacks the joys and challenges of parenting his distinctly unique child.
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The Power of Persistent Prayer

Dr. John Snyder knows what it’s like to pray long and hard for God’s help. He’ll share about a vision problem he’s had for the past forty years, and how that’s challenged him to grow in his faith.
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Redeeming A Marriage And Childhood Wounds

The story of Grammy award-winner Russ Taff and his wife Tori. Away from the spotlight, Russ was tormented by childhood abuse and family dysfunction that led him to alcoholism, just like his dad. The Taffs will describe the painful journey through this hidden addiction that nearly destroyed their marriage, and…
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Renewing My Heart

Imagine being told you’ll never be able to walk again. Eva Self shares the devastating consequences of a car accident that happened when she was just 17, and explains how the Lord pulled her out of a pit of despair.
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Making Daily Choices To Love Your Spouse

Grand gestures of love may seem important, but it’s the little choices you make every day that are the most meaningful to your spouse. Learn why choosing to listen, being loyal and living in peace can transform your marriage!
15 May 6PM 26 min