#RestoringWordOfGod | LOVE- Communication

We are a generation that has come to embrace that romantic love is a gift from God and should be embraced as a gift. And so, we try, when blessed with marriage, to keep it healthy and fulfilling. One of the ways to stay connected in a relationship is through communication. Mpho Magwabeni sat down with Asnath and Alfred Ramokolo, Junior Pastors, who have been married for six years to tell us how communication impacts and strengthens their relationship
4 Feb English South Africa Business

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#RestoringWordOfGod| Destiny Helpers: Principles

As we come to the end of this series, we conclude with clarity on the principles of destiny helpers: What destiny helpers should not be expected to be or what they should not be seen as? Much as God uses man for man, God remains God! We should not at…
31 Mar 15 min

#RestoringWordOfGod| Destiny Helpers: Types of Destiny Helpers

In this week we look at types of Destiny Helpers, but looking at these Destiny Helpers also requires knowing what a Destiny helper is not. In the same way we have destiny helpers, we also have destiny haters, Destiny destroyers, and destiny killers. This conversation is meant to help us…
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#CapricornLiveRevival | Live Worship with Francesca Rikhotso

The last hour of the show is dedicated to a different gospel artist every Sunday. We worship, praise and get to know the artist through their journey in music and relationship with God! Francesca Rikhotso allowed us to get to know her better
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#RestoringWordOfGod| Destiny Helpers: How to attract Destiny Helpers

By seeking divine connections such as Destiny Helpers, we align ourselves with God’s plan for our lives, understanding that we are not meant to navigate our destinies alone. But how do we do that, how do we align ourselves and attract these connections? This episode provides nuggets to help in…
17 Mar 12 min

#RestoringWordOfGod| DESTINY HELPERS: Categories of Destiny Helpers

As we continue to expand on Destiny Helpers, this week Mpho looks at the categories of Destiny helpers to try and understand what they look like in order to not miss our help. Christian blogger Belinda Enoma said: “Do you know that sometimes bondage is prolonged because we are so…
10 Mar 13 min