Social Work Khuluma | EP 10 | African Knowledge Production Incubators

In this podcast I speak with Dr Nevashnee Perumal, who is the lead on a project called AFRICAN KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION INCUBATORS that seeks to consider how a decolonised and indigenised curriculum in social work in South Africa may look like. She tells me a bit about herself and shares the conceptulisation of this project. She also tells the listerners how the Participatory Action Learning Action Research (PALAR) approach was used in the project.

She is open about both the successes and the learnings of the project which has been going on for three years.

This project was designed on the concept of incubating. The term incubators refers to a safe, academic space created for developing and nurturing thoughts and ideas on what constitutes African knowledge.

This project team comprised of social work educators from 5 universities -Nelson Mandela, University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) , Stellenbosch (SU), Univeristy of Fort Hare (UFH) and the University of Kwazulu Natal (UKZN).

The team recently have launched secondary /home incubators in all five partner universities, co generated their first academic article, jointly attended the UK-Ventana conference online and most recently did a knowledge exchange with India as a BRICs partner. They have also created a photobook. She explains how she sees a critical consciousness developing in social work education from the South and why is this work so important for transforming the higher education landscape in South African and beyond?
28 Nov 2023 English South Africa Education

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