Can I have my Placenta, please? with Melissa Mann

Can I have my placenta, please? Not a common question that you would ask just after giving birth, but in this week's discussion with Melissa Mann, certified doula & placenta specialist (from, we understand why this part of your body that you have created during pregnancy is important to take home with you, or, be encapsulated, to consume later. What does it mean to consume your placenta? Well, sit back, relax, and enjoy this podcast, where we learn how to create a smoothie, capsule, powder, or remedy, from your placenta, after giving birth. This is not a medical podcast but might be of interest to you if you were wondering what to do with your placenta after birth. Melissa Mann shares her fascinating journey of helping other moms with the best possible avenue to follow when it comes to consuming, or using, their placenta. Brought to you by Epi-max Baby & Junior – our family, for your family. Also supported by Jacaranda 94.2.
20 Nov 2023 English South Africa Kids & Family

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