NeuroDiverse Journeys: Embracing Challenges, Celebrating Triumphs | Nicola and Jo

In this conversation between Gershom Aitchison (Edu Inc Headmaster) and two mothers Nicola and Jo who have children on the autism spectrum. Nicola's son is 19 and was diagnosed around age 7. Jo's son is 13 and was diagnosed around age 4.

They discussed their journeys raising neurodiverse children, including the challenges with getting diagnoses, finding supportive school environments, dealing with public perceptions and stigma, and pivotal moments of seeing their children's empathy and potential.

Key themes included the importance of early intervention and consistent therapy, being a tireless advocate for your child, finding other parents to connect with, and having no expectations except giving your child the tools to be a decent human being.

They acknowledge there is no single recipe for success given each child's uniqueness.

The mothers agree this difficult journey has been a privilege that has shaped them profoundly.
19 Nov 2023 English South Africa Education · Society & Culture

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