episode 16 if you count the trailer 15 if you don't... i can explain.

guys i really did record an episode on motivation i promise! it...just...didnt make it to the internet... just listen i promise its a good excuse this time...like it was the last time, lol.
8 Nov 2023 English South Africa Personal Journals · Self-Improvement

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ep 19...you know what it is! and i needed a vent

also deadline was in 2 days...but legit i felt so much better after recording this, adulting is hard and conquering a fear is hard and being in the EXO Fan meeting session 2 is hard. its all in here. okloveyoubye
14 Apr 38 min

ep 15 ... existential diaries pII

Loooook still going through it🥲, but I had a good day and decided to fight to keep my podcast going🥹, here are the things happening in my mess of a mind right now.🫠
11 Sep 2023 16 min