Buying The Ultimate Family Car: Where Do We Start? with Juliet McGuire

You're looking for a practical, affordable, and reliable family car, but have no idea where to start or how to make the right decision! Baby in the back seat, and luggage in the boot - the practical aspects are important, but we also want to enjoy the drive and the comfort - how do we marry the joy of the drive, with our practical needs (and budget)? In this podcast, veteran motoring journalist and mom, Juliet McGuire, talks about the pitfalls to avoid, the costs to consider, the brands that offer great value for money, and the styles, colours, and extras that we should think about when looking for a new (or second-hand) family car. We talk about the importance of research and which steps to take before making that final, crucial decision for a new family car. Brought to you by Epi-max Baby & Junior – our family, for your family. Also supported by Jacaranda 94.2.
10 Oct 2023 English South Africa Kids & Family

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