Experts FLIP BULLISH on Bitcoin [Why?]

Join Cryptomanran on today’s episode of Crypto Banter as he’s joined by Meltem Demirors, Haseeb and Elliotrades to discuss the strength and future of Bitcoin and why they’re NOT selling due to the SEC regulation! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!


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00:00 Crypto Market in September & October
01:30 Banter Bubbles - Altcoin Prices Today
04:39 Meltem, Haseeb and Elliotrades Join the Banter
05:35 Crypto Market Sentiment - Bullish or Bearish?
07:10 Bitcoin Halving, Stagflation & Soft Landing
14:14 Meltem Demirors - Bullish on Bitcoin & ETH
16:54 Crypto Scams -Bad Behavior in the Crypto Industry
20:25 Haseeb Qureshi - Crypto Market Cycles Ups & Downs
23:30 Usecases of Blockchain Technology Today
29:02 Eliotrades Early Internet Compared to Blockchain
33:45 Gary Gensler SEC, Crypto Regulations & ETFs
42:45 Blackrock Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval Yes or No?
48:00 Should Crypto Investors Worry About Binance?

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29 Sep 2023 3PM English Explicit South Africa Business · Investing

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