Ben Is In TROUBLE! | Bitboy Crypto Files Major Lawsuit!

Join Cryptoman Ran on today's episode of Crypto Banter, as he dives into the Bitcoin price action, Gary Gensler's speech at the Senate, and Bitboy's MASSIVE lawsuit into Ben Armstrong! Massive Show! Do not miss it!


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00:00 Bitcoin Price & Altcoin Prices Update
01:25 FTX Liquidator Selling Altcoins
03:10 Bitboy Files Lawsuit against Ben Armstrong
08:35 Crypto Mood, Mini Capitulation & Max Pain
12:35 Altcoin Flush-Out - Arbitrum ARB, NEAR
14:50 When to Buy Altcoins - Deploying Dry Powder
17:45 Crypto Market Cycles & Opportunities - ETH
19:10 Trading Solana - FTX Solana Liquidations
27:50 Crypto News Today & Macro Economic Data - CPI
31:35 Apple iPhone 15 Launch & Trading Render
33:03 Bitboy - Ben Armstrong Lawsuit Details Revealed
41:03 Banana Bot Token Launch & Banter Bubbles

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12 Sep 11AM English Explicit South Africa Business · Investing

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