Limpopo Gospel Experience| Benjamin Dube

Makgobathe Events and Security presents the Limpopo Gospel Experience, a day of praise that will bless the people of Limpopo for the very first time with the musical collective; Spirit Of Praise. This will take place on the 7th of October from 12pm till 6am on the 8th of October. Bishop Benjamin Dube joined us in conversation about what to look forward to on this date.
3 Sep English South Africa Business

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#RestoringWordOfGod| The Storm Is Over:The Winning Season Part 2

Truth is, none of us wants to go through a storm. Not just hurricanes, but storms in our finances, in our jobs and in our families. In fact, we pray for a constant summer with an endless harvest, permanent health, and a never-ending supply of money and wealth. So, when…
10 Sep 14 min

#RestoringWordOfGod| BE STILL: Proverbs 31 Woman

As woman continue to speak on the subject "Be Still", in this episode Pastor Bongile Chabangu-Mabasa and Dr Praise also a woman of the cloth pass each other the batton. From being single and "Still" to being in marraige and "Still".
20 Aug 13 min

#RestoringWordOfGod| Be Still Part 1

This theme is taken from Psalms 46 verse 10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” A very famous verse in the bible, yet if we are honest, we have trouble living it. We are rarely still; we rarely sleep without tossing and turning and we hardly…
6 Aug 16 min

#RestoringWordOfGod| The Storm Is Over Part 1

We are in a brand-new season, one that symbolizes life and rebirth, coming straight from one that symbolizes endings. In life, just like the climate we go through seasons, and every season that comes prepares us for the next season. What the writer of Eccl. Pastor VP Nkiwnika of House…
3 Sep 15 min

#RestoringWordOfGod| Church Dropout Part 4

As we conclude this series, we will look at the human element of driving congregants out of church. Sometimes even pastors are the ones who hurt their children. Have you ever heard people say, “There is more kindness from people who don’t know God than those who are in church”?…
28 May 13 min