#3  S04.E03 - Knowing your Digital Rights, Part 1 - The Murky Space of Cyberspace

Africa is undergoing a remarkable transformation with an exponential surge in internet connectivity, marking a significant milestone in the continent's technological advancement. However, this commendable progress in bridging the digital divide comes with a stark and concerning juxtaposition – Africa finds itself trailing behind in the crucial realm of cybersecurity. This pressing issue took centre stage at the inaugural Africa Cybersecurity Summit held in Togo's vibrant capital, serving as a clarion call for action.

This connectivity boom has brought about an unintended consequence – a glaring vulnerability to cyber threats and attacks. Africa's cybersecurity landscape is characterised by gaps in infrastructure, limited awareness, and a shortage of skilled professionals capable of defending against and mitigating these digital threats. The lack of stringent regulatory frameworks and cybersecurity policies exacerbates the situation, leaving businesses, governments, and individuals exposed to the perils of the digital age.

In a recent publication commissioned by the United Nations in partnership with the Alliance for Universal Digital Rights in February 2023 entitled Securing our Human Rights in our Digital World, it notes, “Imagine a future in which all citizens of the digital eco-system, no matter who they are, or where they live, can enjoy equal rights to safety, freedom and dignity. Because the digital environment, like the natural environment, transcends borders.” Sounds really good on paper, but how does this translate into our everyday lives?

In our latest Let’s Talk Human Rights episode, our host Masechaba Mdaka is joined by Wakesho Kililo, who is the is the Africa Coordinator, Digital Rights, Greater Internet Freedom Project at Internews. She serves as a member of the Law Society of Kenya Public Interest Litigation and Legal Aid committee. Our second host is Helen Nyinakiiza, Helen has been working as the Community Manager - Safe Sisters program at Internews. Safe Sisters trains women human rights defenders to use digital safety in their work and to support their community navigate the challenges of Tech Facilitated Gender-Based Violence.
Season 4 / Episode 3 4 Sep 2023 English South Africa Politics · Government

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