Legendary Dr John Kani vividly tells his life story as only a storyteller can

Legendary storyteller Dr John Jahn Kani comically goes down memory lane into his theatre life and role in the struggle from apartheid to post democracy South Africa.
He shares his story through a roller coaster of emotions like only a legendary storyteller can: he "shows" instead of telling. One moment he's hilariously funny, and deadly serious the next.
We chat to him at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg where one theatre is named after him. He also shares his views on social issues such as gender-based violence.
From being arrested for acting in theatre during apartheid despite being award winning stars to telling political stories in post democratic South Africa.
In this almost one-and-a half-hour chat Kani keeps us intrigued about his storytelling life in apartheid and post apartheid life.
He celebrates his 80th birthday on August 30 and does not intend stopping writing plays anytime soon.
He is hosted by Sunday Times deputy editor Mike Siluma and the producer is Bulelani Nonyukela.
26 Aug 2023 English South Africa Society & Culture · News

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