This REALLY BIG South Africa Company Gave Away Their Billboards to Really small Businesses!

Hollard, a leading insurance company, launched a campaign called “Big Ads for Small Business” to support small businesses hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The innovative campaign involved giving away Hollard’s own ad space to these businesses, boosting their visibility and increasing their revenue.

Twelve small businesses were chosen for the campaign from 300 submissions. Hollard’s team conducted a thorough vetting process to ensure that the chosen businesses could handle the increased attention from the ads. The campaign’s objective was to ensure each business’s growth while amplifying Hollard’s brand as a company committed to creating better futures.

And we were lucky enough to chat with Joanna Monden, head of Group Brand, to tell us more about How Hollard’s purpose-led marketing has created better futures for local SMEs.

Listen to the interview here:
22 Aug 2023 English South Africa Business · Society & Culture

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