Children & Dogs: A Dog Trainer's Advice with Landie Coertse

I'm a parent and want my dogs to get along with my kids, and vice versa... What is the best advice to ensure everyone's happy and play along nicely? Professional Dog Trainer, Landie Coertse, joins Elana in studio to help us understand the way dogs behave when kids are around. How do we socialise our animals? Which dogs are better with kids? Is there a golden rule to consider when getting our kids puppies? What to do when a dog bit my kid? Training our dog is more about getting trained ourselves, to ensure we know how to interact with our pets - and to teach our kids the same techniques. We want to play nice, share in the mutual love from having pets, and ensure there are no surprise incidents - Landie gives us her professional advice on keeping pets and children in the home, and keeping the peace! Brought to you by Epi-max Baby & Junior – our family, for your family. Also supported by Jacaranda 94.2.
22 Aug 2023 English South Africa Kids & Family

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