Sound of Freedom

In the new movie #SoundofFreedom a federal agent embarks on a dangerous mission to save someone from ruthless human traffickers. Is this a film you’ll want to see or make you wish you could be rescued from? Turn to the Plugged In [Please tag the PI FB page] movie reviews. We’ll save you from movie content you want to avoid. – [Insert link to PI review]
7 Jul English South Africa Film Reviews · TV Reviews

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Haunted Mansion

In the latest rendition of Disney’s #HauntedMansion a motley crew of “spiritual experts” try to empty a stately home of supernatural squatters. Will this pic be as fun as a theme park ride or as shady as an old ruin?
28 Jul 1 min


Margot Robbie is perfect in pink in #Barbie. But is her movie just as adorable as she is or way too plastic?
21 Jul 1 min

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning, Part One

Ethan Hunt and his IMF team are back in action with #Mission:Impossible-DeadReckoning,PartOne. Does that sound like a movie mission you’ll want to accept? Plugged In [Please tag the PI FB page] has a review with all the pertinent files. (And they won’t self-destruct in five seconds.) – [Insert link to…
14 Jul 1 min

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

It’s 1936, and a youngish archaeologist named Indiana Jones is about to be buried alive in an ancient Egyptian tomb. His nemesis, Belloq, gloats from above. Recalling an earlier conversation they had over the value of a dime-store pocket watch after a thousand years, Belloq offers a cutting quip.
30 Jun 1 min

The Flash

Pain makes us. Beautiful days come and go, but we remember the storms. Summers on the bike or at the beach blend together, but we remember the broken promises, the fractured friendships. A thousand peaceful nights at home are dwarfed by one night at the hospital.
23 Jun 1 min