The Baby Food buzz: Halal “Huiskos"! - Nabeelah Sawant

It has taken a mother from Cape Town a nationwide, desperate search to try and find baby food that works, until she finally decided: DIY is the only way! Nabeelah Sawant called her close-friend, and professional dietician, Shakeela Talip, to help with the science behind the recipes - to ensure it's safe for her baby - and created baby food that's inspired by the delicious, healthy 'huiskos' she grew up with. The outcome was so incredible - and her baby was so happy - they decided to help other moms, market the baby food, and turn it into a business! "Beely Baby" was born, Halal, and tasty, offering weaning packs, and more complex meals for up to 18-month-old babies. In this Podcast Elana talks to Nabeelah about the challenges of starting a business as a mom, feeding dilemmas, and creating baby food that helped many mothers across South Africa! Brought to you by Epi-max Baby & Junior – our family, for your family. Also supported by Jacaranda 94.2.
18 Jul 2023 English South Africa Kids & Family

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