Public shouldn't take it lying down: crime expert after Mashatile's armed protectors assault civilians

More than half a billion rand is paid out to victims of this kind of misbehaviour, and there is no plan to ensure police adhere to rules, says crime expert Gareth Newham.
Newham adds that accountability systems in the police are incredibly weak and deteriorating year on year, costing large amounts from the police budget to compensate for police misconduct. He says there is no clear plan presented in parliament or elsewhere to demonstrate how top police leadership will address this.
A video of Deputy President Paul Mashatile’s armed protectors surfaced on Monday showing the VIP security detail assaulting helpless civilians in broad daylight on a public road.
“Criminals are able to buy their way into the police,” says Newham as he traces back to the root of the crisis. The president is the only person who can ensure the police leadership crisis is resolved, he adds. 
The incident angered some people on online public platforms. Newham says the public should not just be happy with action taken against these specific officials, whose behaviour is part of the culture in VIP protection services, but there needs to be stronger action. “Top management of VIP services do nothing to stop the behaviour.”
Newham is head of the Justice and Violence Prevention Programme at the Institute for Security Studies.
4 Jul 2023 10AM English South Africa News · Daily News

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