Peerages and posh boys – Politics Weekly UK podcast

The Conservative party is not far from all-out war, from Rishi Sunak’s public criticism of Boris Johnson to Nadine Dorries decrying ‘posh boys’ for blocking her peerage. The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by political editor Pippa Crerar and the former Tory cabinet minister David Gauke to try to untangle the mess. Help support our independent journalism at
15 Jun English United Kingdom News

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Jeremy Hunt’s much anticipated autumn statement promised tax cuts and getting people back to work. John Harris is joined by the Guardian’s political editor, Pippa Crerar, and the former Treasury minister David Gauke, to assess what we heard Autumn statement 2023: key points at a glance OBR warns government finances…
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The former prime minister David Cameron has been appointed to the role of foreign secretary in Rishi Sunak’s cabinet reshuffle. The shock move will have taken the steam out of the prime minister sacking his controversial home secretary, Suella Braverman. But what are the wider implications? The Guardian’s Gaby Hinsliff…
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The king’s speech, Suella Braverman and ‘hate marches’|Politics Weekly UK

Rishi Sunak set out his priorities for the year ahead in the king’s speech on Tuesday. But his home secretary, Suella Braverman, continues to grab the headlines with comments about the homeless and an awkward stand-off with the Met police over pro-Palestine marches. The Guardian’s Kiran Stacey speaks to former…
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The Covid inquiry | Politics Weekly UK

Besides the swearing, toxic workplace culture and misogyny, what have we learned from the Covid inquiry? Gaby Hinsliff talks to the Guardian’s political editor, Pippa Crerar. And our political correspondent Kiran Stacey tells us how significant the government’s first artificial intelligence summit will be. Help support our independent journalism at…
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