#  Campaigning in the Digital Age

The emergence of social and digital media has changed the way in which political communications take place and in recent times we have seen how young black women have occupied this space to push their feminist agenda.
Some scholars have suggested that social media is a space for more equal democratic participation than movements in the pre-digital era while others have argued that the internet amplifies those voices with fewer resources.
So the question is: Does digital activism translates to meaningful change on the ground or have we entered into the era of “clickivism"
We speak to Katlego Mhulatshi from Country Duty to discuss how social media has the power to change not just the message, but the dynamics of political and social participation. www.notyetuhuru.com
Season 0 / Episode 25 Mar 2019 English Read by Lebo Ramafoko, Naledi Chirwa, Malebo Sephodi, Phumzile Nkuta South Africa News · Arts

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