OUTA Insights: Wayne Duvenage on assassinations, corruption and politicians.

The cold-blooded hit on well-respected Bosasa and Gupta company liquidator Cloete Murray and his son Thomas has sent shockwaves through SA. What are the implications for the war on corruption? And what can we, the people of SA, do to ensure that corrupt politicians and others selling out our country, are held accountable? Hosted by Ilse Salzwedel.
24 Mar 2023 English South Africa Politics

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Political parties are currently not obliged to disclose all private donations they receive, with some donations being highly questionable. This is exactly why My Vote Counts decided to challenge the Political Party Funding Act in court. But why should the donors matter to all of us? OUTA's Rachel Fischer in…
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OUTA Insights: Cholera in Hammanskraal could be just the beginning

While 22 people in Hammanskraal have already died from cholera and politicians are engaged in blaming each other, OUTA and WaterCAN warn that this could be just the first of many such outbreaks, since government on all levels are either unable or unwilling to sort out water infrastructure problems. Dr…
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