Episode 1: Meet Stella

In the first episode of the Stella Murders Official Companion Podcast we meet the town of Stella - a small cattle farming town in the North West province. We delve down into how the town and its culture may have played a role in the murders of Sharnelle Hough and Marna Engelbrecht. We also look at some of the theories around this crime, the evidential basis upon which Xander Bylsma was convicted, and the much-discussed taped confession.
22 Mar 2023 English South Africa True Crime · TV & Film

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Episode 2: Love You To Death

In episode two of Stella Murders: The Official Companion Podcast we delve into the psychology of abusive and coercive relationships in the context of teenagers, child on parent abuse, and the role that personality disorders may play in deception and manipulation. In interviews with psychologist Elmarie Claassens and journalist Marizka…
28 Mar 2023 1 hr 01 min

Trailer: Stella Murders: The Official Companion Podcast

In the official companion podcast to the Showmax Original documentary Stella Murders, true crime podcaster and author Nicole Engelbrecht delves down into the themes presented in the documentary and attempts to answer the unanswered questions about the murders of Stella schoolgirls, Sharnelle Hough and Marna Engelbrecht.
19 Mar 2023 2 min