IBSC Living History Part Three with Brad Gioia

In part three of the IBSC Living History Podcast, Brad Gioia recounts the story of the founding of IBSC, paying special attention to how the organization's international scope has evolved. He highlights how this diversity enriches our shared comprehension of the universal difficulties that boys face and the rationale for boys' schools.
2 Mar 2023 English United States Education · Non-Profit

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IBSC Living History Part Six with Kerry Brennan

In part six of the IBSC Living History Podcast, hear from The Roxbury Latin School (United States) Headmaster Kerry Brennan as he discusses the evolution of IBSC from a young organization to a global coalition, emphasizing its role in advocating for boys' education. He touches on the challenges and perceptions…
30 Aug 2023 27 min

IBSC Living History Part Five with Graham Able

In part five of the IBSC Living History Podcast, Graham Able recounts his connection to IBSC, from his introduction to the coalition in 1996 to his tenure as board chair. A retired headmaster of Dulwich College (United Kingdom), Able shares insights that underscore the crucial role of IBSC in expanding…
14 Jun 2023 14 min

IBSC Living History Part Four with David Anderson

In part four of the IBSC Living History Podcast, David Anderson traces his relationship with the IBSC, from his first conference in 1995 to his tenure on the board of trustees. He shares anecdotes that highlight the value of the IBSC's support for boys' schools, especially in the face of…
18 May 2023 24 min

IBSC Living History Part Two with John Farber

In part two of the IBSC Living History Podcast, John Farber shares how the first gatherings of heads and directors of admissions in North American boys’ schools led to establishing IBSC as an advocate and proponent of single-gender schools for boys. Farber also reflects on the relational nature of IBSC…
6 Jan 2023 29 min

IBSC Living History Part One with Rick Melvoin

In part one of the IBSC Living History Project, Rick Melvoin reflects on the establishment of IBSC, the challenges faced by boys' schools in the early years of the coalition, and the lessons boys' schools can take into the future.
20 Oct 2022 26 min