You Are Not Alone by Cariad Lloyd

CapeTalk's Pippa Hudson interviews Cariad Lloyd regarding her book 'You Are Not Alone'.

Inspired by her award-winning podcast, Griefcast; You Are Not Alone is Cariad Lloyd's frank, funny and compassionate exploration of grief.

When Cariad Lloyd lost her father at the age of fifteen, people didn't talk about death. Years later, when she created Griefcast, it started a conversation that people didn't realise they needed until it was there about one of the most significant events in a person's life: its end.

In You Are Not Alone, Cariad shares all that she has learned from Griefcast. She reflects on her own grief, the grief of others, and the psychology and science behind how our society deals with death and loss. Funeral thoughts, therapy, coping with anniversaries, bad friends, good friends, birthdays, weddings, missing them, not missing them - this is grief in all its sad, surprising, awkward, tender and sometimes funny forms.

You Are Not Alone is a road map for all of us: for anybody who has ever felt lost in grief, who would like to help someone they know through theirs, or who just wants to understand life a little better.

About Pippa Hudson

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