#BreakfastMasterclass | Parenting 101 in 2023; safeguarding your little ones

For this week's #BreakfastMasterclass, Complexion and Mpho Mashita got into a discussion looking at sleepovers and what children are exposed to when visiting their friends' home. Family Councilor and Life Coach, Sipho Mushwana weighed in on the conversation.
1 Feb English South Africa Business · Arts

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OverCoffee | Rabs Vhafuwi releases new music

In 2014, Rabelani Madula- famously known as Rabs Vhafuwi dropped an album called “Count Your Blessings” and since then- he's been counted amongst some of the most prominent names in the province. He joins DJ Complexion and Mashita for coffee to share his story covering his upbringing, love for music,…
17 Mar 27 min

#OverCoffee | Grammy Award Winning, Una Rams

From Mbilwi to the world! Genre-fluid producer, songwriter and singer, Una Rams joined Complexion and Mpho Mashita on the #CapricornBreakfast to get to know him better and to celebrate him for repping Limpopo.
26 Feb 27 min

#FreshSqueeze | SOE's receive bailout on the 2023 National Budget

Following the 2023 National Budget speech delivered by Finance Minister, Enoch Godongwana. Complexion and Mpho Mashita looked into State Owned Entities and the bailout that they have received with Government and Public Services Industry Leader at Deloitte Africa, George Tshesane.
23 Feb 7 min