Looking Up - 25 Jan 23

Pamela Kassen, an astronomer from Edinburgh, is here in Cape Town and talks to Kechil about the latest from the James Webb Space Telescope, a telescope up in space whose data she works with. Here she describes that the universe has far more galaxies than originally thought, and it is a colourful place.
25 Jan English South Africa Places & Travel

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Looking Up - 29 Mar 23

How is your cosmological coupling? What has this to do with Dark Energy? What are black holes up to? What is Cold Death and when might it occur? These and other questions may have nothing to do with your daily life, but they are fascinating. Kechil talks to Dr Chris…
29 Mar 5 min

Looking Up - 22 Mar 23

Dr Chris Pearson tells Kechil about the scary Event Horizon, the point of no return when you get near a black hole. Hear it from the expert!
22 Mar 5 min

Looking Up - 15 Mar 23

Black holes! What are they? How many are out there? How do we know they are there? Kechil talks to Dr Chris Pearson who was in Cape Town with the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope project.
15 Mar 5 min

Looking Up - 08 March 23

There is a big meeting happening right now in Cape Town at the South African Astronomical Observatory, where engineers, technologists and scientists have flown in from the four corners. Kechil talks to Louisa Quartermaine from Perth about the Australian component of the Square Kilometre Array, the biggest telescope being built…
8 Mar 4 min

Looking Up - 01 March 23

There is a pretty conjunction of Venus and Jupiter you might like to take a look at in the evening or just before sunrise, if you have a clear western aspect. Kechil motors through conjunctions, alignments and other geometric features of our position in the solar system.
1 Mar 4 min