Issues of finance in relationships with Financial Content specialist

Financial Content specialist at Financial Care Corporation Nicky Mothiba Hlekani speaks on ways to tackle issue of finances in a marriage or the things that one should do to get to the point of discussing finances.
29 Dec 2022 English South Africa Business · Arts

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SAMRO’s Manager of Distribution Johan Visagie was on issues of royalties

On this segment the conversation with SAMRO’s Manager of Distribution Johan Visagie was on issues a lot of artists have in past shown discontentment and that is pay-out of royalties Visagie provided an in-depth knowledge on how royalties are calculated and distributed, in the different distribution categories.
22 Feb 6 min

SAMRO’s representatives lay bare details of what it means to be a SAMRO member.

As a continuation to the conversations Hlekani will be having with SAMRO representatives throughout the month of February, joining Hlekani on today’s segment is Mikateko Nethononda: General Manager for Member Services, who outlined the importance for artists to first identify what they do before becoming a member of SAMRO. While…
8 Feb 17 min

Nicholas Maweni on strides made in SAMRO over the years.

SAMRO Chairperson Nicholas Maweni in conversation with Hlekani on the overview on SAMRO’s mandate. And also financial results concluded during the AGM hosted in December 2022.Maweni gave an insight of on range of services they offer and how they have spent many years in ensuring they remain the middleman between…
1 Feb 15 min