Things not looking good for SA in the new year, says astrologer and sangoma

Astrologer and sangoma Rod Suskin goes into details explaining what South Africa can expect in the new year.
Based in Cape Town, Suskin teaches a three-year diploma in astrology. He says he can foresee the future because of his sangoma and astrologer experience. He said the same way it can be predicted when a plant will become into flower so can be done for the complicated human experience.
In 2020 started the Covid-19 pandemic which hit the whole world causing many deaths, in 2022 Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine affecting several countries globally in different aspects. Suskin said astrologers always knew war and an epidemic was coming.
He speaks specifically about what South Africans can brace themselves for this year.
One of the stressors that caused headaches for South Africa in 2022 was load shedding. Suskin speaks of saviors that will come to the rescue this year.
He had predicted Cyril Ramaphosa would retain his president job after the ANC elective conference in December but would be in for a bumpy ride this year.
3 Jan 1AM English South Africa News · Business

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