Finding love and revealing your HIV status to a partner

Dating is tricky at the best of times - but can love conquer all, even the complications around a positive HIV status? In this episode, HIV/AIDS activist and digital creator Saidy Brown shares her story, and her experience on living with HIV, including navigating love, dating and how to reveal your status to a lover. Saidy was born with HIV. She found out about her status when she was 14. “It was a long journey of denialism and just feeling like 'I want to die' until I was 18 years old. That was when I wrote the letter [on Facebook titled An Open Letter to HIV.] I remember writing it crying. I literally was crying the entire time. There's a line where I said, 'Because of you I feel less pretty' - and I stopped, and I read that line and I just broke down in tears," she recalls in a frank and lively discussion with Don’t Hold Back host, Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba. Saidy sets the record straight on living with HIV, the myths and truths around HIV and its impact on life and love.