SOLANA Holders BEWARE! (12 Altcoins FTX Could DUMP)

FTX news about a potential FTX exchange insolvency and the Alameda Research balance sheet, triggered by Binance, has evolved with more data coming to light. All Solana and FTT token holders need to pay attention right now! Join Cryptoman Ran in today's episode of Crypto Banter for the latest update on the currently circulating FTX fud! Don't miss this show!

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00:00 FTT & FTX News Today - Intro
03:11 Aptos Price Today
04:18 Bitget & ByBit Trading Competition
05:49 Alameda Research Balance Sheet
06:25 Is FTX Insolvent?
07:25 CZ Binance Selling FTT Token
08:20 FTT Price 22 Dollar Support Level
11:00 Binance vs FTX & SBF
13:20 FTX Defending the $22 FTT Peg
14:35 Alameda Research Balance Sheet Altcoin Holdings
15:35 FTX' Solana Position & Other Altcoin Holdings
19:20 Exit FTX - Millions of Withdrawals on FTX
20:25 Buying FTT Token & Solana Now?
22:00 Solana Week Conference Lisbon News Update
23:40 Moving the Solana Price
24:46 Render News & RNDR Price Today
27:30 Midterm Elections & Markets
30:29 Inflation CPI Numbers Upcoming
33:35 Justice Department Seized $3.36B Bitcoin