First Year Motivation

The First Year Advising Team compiled an inspiring podcast for first-year students in collaboration with Mme Lucy Sehloho, fondly known as Mother First Year. We thought who best to motivate first years than someone who has served as a mentor and system of support to many first-year students throughout the years. Mme Lucy is a product of the University of the Free State herself and shares her own experience as a Kovsie because we all know that ‘Only a Kovsie knows the feeling’.

Listen to how this talented Alumnus who holds a qualification in Advanced Project Management, Honours with specialisation in Industrial Management, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Management, a qualified Assessor and Skills Development Facilitator, wife, mother, sister, and songbird has continued to thrive despite challenges life so often throws our way, and how you too can stay motivated through your academic journey.
28 Oct 2022 English South Africa Education · Self-Improvement