The Business Report on Nova 1035 Ep 47

The Business Report on NOVA 1035, 27 October 2022

In this episode's Lead Story, Gary Stroebel speaks to local economists, Omu Kakujaha-Matundu and Theo Klein for their take on the budget. In our Spotlight Angie Scholtz speaks to Uajorokisa Akwenye the CEO One Economy Foundation. In the Market Watch Angie Scholtz speaks to Namdia CEO Alisa Amupolo about their annual report. Gary speaks to Luis Munana from NIPD about the Know 2 Grow - Next Gen and Angie speaks to the Governor of the Bank of Namibia Johannes !Gawaxab about the announcement of the Repo Rate.
27 Oct 2022 English Namibia Business · Business News

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