The Biggest Investors Are Buying These Altcoins Aggressively: Here's Why!

After days of interviews with founders, on the Token2049 in Singapore, the world's biggest investors, researchers, and developers, here are the best Crypto projects and Altcoins for 2022, 2023, and beyond! This is what the biggest investors are adding to their Altcoin portfolio!!

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00:00 Token 2049 Singapore Coverage
06:00 Dan Morehead Pantera Capital
11:45 Saurabh Sharma - Jump Crypto
16:52 Lasse Clausen - 1KX
24:08 Unix Gaming
24:48 Carl The Moon Interview
27:05 1Inch Party & Formula 1 Race
27:35 Daniel Ricciardo F1 Driver
29:30 Dovey Wan - Primitive Crypto
31:36 Santiago Santos - VC
35:58 The Best Time to Invest is Now
37:03 1Inch Crypto Trading
2 Oct 2022 11AM English Explicit South Africa Business · Investing

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