Ramaphosa explains Phala Phala foreign cash

For the first time President Cyril Ramaphosa has provided some context in the theft of foreign currency from his game farm Phala Phala. He explained where the money came from, but he’s in the dark on why a case number was not provided.
Phala Phala came into the spotlight after former spy boss Arthur Fraser alleged Ramaphosa tried to conceal the theft of cash at his farm in Limpopo.
ATM leader Vuyo Zungula posed a question to Ramaphosa: why did you not report the crime in Phala Phala like all citizens? What message does it send to the nation when the president faces allegations of money laundering, kidnapping and torture on his farm, refuses to take the nation into his confidence and won’t account to parliament?
The president denied allegations of money laundering but left other accusations hanging.
The president answered various questions on the rising cost of living, land expropriation and Eskom, among others.