Massmart’s big e-commerce play – the inside story

Walmart-owned retail group Massmart has ambitious plans to become one of the most significant players in e-commerce in South Africa.
In this episode of TC|Daily, TechCentral’s new technology show, the retail group’s head of e-commerce, Sylvester John, joins Duncan McLeod in-studio to unpack its plans.
John, who was a key figure behind the development of e-commerce platforms at Walmart, believes the online shopping market in South Africa is poised for lift-off – from less than 4% of total retail sales today, he expects the figure to jump to about 12% by the end of the decade.
In the interview, John talks about:
• How the Covid-19 pandemic changed the e-commerce game globally and in South Africa.
• His predictions for the growth of e-commerce in South Africa.
• How South Africa compares to other markets, including other developing countries, when it comes to e-commerce.
• How Massmart is using its retail brands such as Makro, Builders and Game to go to market while building a supportive backend infrastructure.
• Why the group is firmly focused on developing for mobile first.
• The acquisitions of WumDrop and OneCart and what they bring to Massmart.
• The relevance of Black Friday – and what Massmart has planned for the 2022 event.
• The impending launch of retail operations in South Africa and why Massmart is ready for the competition.
• The importance of B2B in e-commerce in South Africa.
Don’t miss this fascinating discussion with a key player in e-commerce in South Africa.
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28 Sep 2022 3AM English South Africa Technology · Business

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