Fresh Breakfast: Day 1!

Enjoy the first edition of the Fresh Breakfast with the NSK and Shai_Quan!
8 Sep 2022 English Namibia News · Music

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Dj Scott who had been a resident Dj on Fresh Fm (1st class, The Avenue and now Fresh Breakfast) did his last mix on Fresh Fm.
9 Jun 30 min

What would Shai do?

Hi Shai_Quan I recently heard you talking about compatibility in relationships on radio and it struck a cord! It's so hard letting go of people we love even though they are not meant for us or good for us. Here's my reality. I have been with my lady for over…
9 Jun 15 min

Shaka iLembe: Episode 6

NSK & Shai_Quan talk all things Shaka iLembe! Shai_Quan reveals that she had a conversation with Nomzamo Mbatha about Shaka iLembe!
9 Jun 4 min

Fresh from the office: Jaimee-Lee

Fresh From the office is that bit where we check in with you while you are at the office listening to Fresh Fm. For this episode, we feature Jaimee-Lee who owns "Something-Artsy".
8 Jun 8 min

Shaka iLembe: Episode 5

NSK & Shai_Quan talk all things Shaka iLembe! The team reveals what you needed to do to win double tickets to the exclusive pre-premier.
8 Jun 2 min