S01E08 Louisa Olafuyi, Kunda Kids

2020 was a remarkable year for Louisa and Dele Olafuyi. In the middle of a global pandemic and a lockdown in the UK, they created Kunda Kids. Their inspiration? A desire to share stories that celebrate African culture with their two-year-old son. Ugandan and Nigerian in heritage with zero publishing experience, the couple leveraged their marketing savvy and launched a children’s book series featuring historical African icons like Mansa Musa and Queen Kitami.

Two years on, Louisa and Dele’s purpose-driven adventure has opened up a colourful world of edutainment for African and Afro-Caribbean children around the world. Through books and digital content on the Kunda Kids app, they are connecting with their roots in a fun, uplifting way. Most
importantly, real-life “Kunda Kids” are learning that they matter, and they are enough.

identity of children of African descent. In this episode of The Africa Whisperer, Lee Kasumba, we meet Louisa Olafuyi and hear how a lack of stories African children could identify with led to co-founding Kunda Kids with her husband Dele. That bold decision began with writing five of
seven original stories and collaborating with creative professionals for their first series, Africa’s Little Kings and Queens. The Kunda Kids team now includes writers, animators and musicians who weave imaginative journeys that inform, inspire and entertain.

Louisa shares how Kunda Kids has made a unique mark in an industry that underrepresents African characters and themes, the passionate convictions behind their stories and what working in children’s edtech is teaching her about the continent.

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7 Sep 2022 English South Africa Society & Culture · Business

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