Qush: Why prevention is always better than cure [promoted]

In this podcast, TechCentral speaks to security specialists Qush Security about companies’ data risks and insider threats.
Chris Denbigh-White, Qush’s director for global customer success, contextualises how the company’s Reveal platform creates relevant visibility for companies to make the right decisions at the right time to protect their people, their operations and their reputations.
Fallon Steyn, regional sales manager for Middle East and Africa at Qush, then illustrates how the user is central to the solution. If we are to do data security better, we need to know what data is, she says. Steyn touches on how the hybrid work model is exposing new data risks and why, with cloud services becoming more prevalent, the security of your data is still your responsibility.
The question IT security leaders should be asking themselves is this: “What specific data security issues should I be focusing on and how effective have our teams (read: “I”) been in reducing risk.”
Modern data loss protection solutions need to respond to rapidly changing needs and threats. Rarely are static rules or compliance training enough to fulfil organisational and business requirements.
This is where Qush Security takes a new approach to this legacy problem. Rather than regarding users as potential risks that require robust mitigation, they take an approach of partnering with them to ensure that both the business and security win.
Listen/watch below. Visit www.Qush.com or www.solid8.co.za for more. And connect with Denbigh-White and Steyn on LinkedIn.