"For the Record" is on the way - and it's gonna rock!

Brand new programme on the way on Nova 1035 - muso, sound producer and Radiowave morning jock Jacques de Vries pops into the Nova 1035 studio to tell us more about "For the Record"...
8 Aug 2022 English Namibia Society & Culture

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Namibian musician Riaan Smit has a heart for animals!

Talented globetrotting Namibian musician Riaan Smit, who recently staged a very successful Johnny Cash tribute tour, entitled "Man in Black", recently proved that he an animal lover when he donated 10% of the Tour's proceeds to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The amount of the…
15 Nov 2 min

Vaderskap verlof op pad vir Namibie?

Na aanleiding vsn 'n navraag in die Nasuonale Vetgadering het die Eerste Minister gese die lengte van kraamverlof vir vroue mag dalk verleng word, en dat vaderskap verlof vir pa's ook oorweeg word. Dani en Deon gesels.
13 Nov 1 min