Hold The Line - Kim Stephens Chats About Her New Book!

Kim Stephens – one of our favourite writers in South Africa – has really helped South Africa deal with the trauma of the past two years with humour, and we love that she is keeping it up in 2022, but this time in a WHOLE book!

The incredibly talented writer gave us the "Top 10 middle-class quarantine categories", a hilarious depiction of "how confusing level 4 actually was", the "beauty truths of the burbs during the lockdown", the "runners versus smokers debacle", and she weighed in (hilariously) about how everyone in South Africa has "suddenly become an expert on nearly everything".

Kim went viral more times than we can count on one hand, and because of this, Kim found the courage to put it all, and more, into a book.

Hold the Line tells the story of teenage pregnancy, the situational blindness of white South Africa, the disappointment of divorce and the deep joy found through true awakening.

Stitched together with the lockdown writing that Kim penned for a growing base of followers, she shares a more in-depth life story with her usual candid self-deprecation.

Listen to the powerful chat here:
2 Aug 2022 English South Africa Personal Journals · Daily News

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