Ba-Phalaborwa residents faced with serious water woes#CapricornTalk

Residents under the Ba-Phalabora municipality are facing serious water woes and this has prompted the Democratic Alliance to intervene and write a letter to the municipal Manager Dr Lucas Pilusa to explain these constant water cuts. The DA’s councilor under the municipality Sybrandt de Beer says the party has previously requested the Mopani District Municipality as the water authority to urgently communicate reasons for these developments and has also requested the Ba-Phalaborwa Mayor to inform the public on the status of this water restriction issue, as well as when normal supply will resume. Dr Pilusa has confirmed that they are experiencing water cut challenges however he blames Lepelle Nothern Water for what he calls failure to communicate with stakeholders involved. Both De Beer and Dr Pilusa spoke to Nghamula Chauke and this is what they had to say: