National Assembly Plenary, 7th June 2022

1. Debate on Vote 2: Parliament (135)
2. Consideration of Report of PC on Home Affairs on Filling a vacancy in Electoral Commission (ATC, 31 May 2022, p 8) (5)
3. Consideration of Request for Approval by Parliament of Constitutive Act of the African Union Relating to the Pan-African Parliament of 2014 (Report of PC on International Relations and Cooperation, see ATC, 1 June 2022, p 61) (5)
4. Consideration of Report of PC on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs on Draft Notice on Determination of Remuneration of Independent Constitutional Institutions (ATC, 8 March 2022, p 9) (5)
5. Consideration of Reports on Budget Votes (no debates) [list of reports attached)