Industrial Policy Review Required

It doesn’t exactly dominate the news cycle, but SA’s industrial policy has major ramifications for economic policy, growth and job creation. Spelt out in a series of annual Industrial Policy Action Plans (IPAPs) and now sector master plans, South Africa’s industrial policy has been in place for roughly 15 years now. Instruments have been chosen to support the manufacturing sector in general and certain sectors have been prioritised and receive additional support.

Its fair to say our industrial policy attempts have not yielded the desired results so far.
Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS) is an independent, non-profit, economic research institution established in 1996 to support economic policy development.
And tomorrow turns 25.
So 25 years in, its appropriate to ask, what is our industrial policy, what it has achieved and what does the future hold?

Tshediso Matona, Secretary of Planning in the National Planning Commission in the Presidency & Saul Levin, Executive Director of TIPS since 2014 join Michael Avery for this discussion