National Assembly Mini Plenary Session 2, 26th May 2022

Mini-plenary 2:
1. Subject for discussion (Mr B S Yabo): Addressing inequality to advance the socio-economic rights of all and leave no one behind (90)
2. Consideration of Report of PC on Trade and Industry on Public Protector Report (No 37 of 2018-19) on a systemic investigation into allegations of illegal conversion of goods-carrying Toyota Quantum panel vans into passenger-carrying minibus taxis to transport members of the public for reward (ATC, 22 March 2022, p 74) (49)
3. Consideration of Report of PC on Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development on Oversight visit to Perishable Products Export Control Board and District Six, Western Cape Province on 29 March and 1 April 2022 (ATC, 10 May 2022, p 76) (49)