100 Women in Finance launches in SA

When I first started out as a financial journalist with David Gleason in the early 2000s I remember walking into a boardroom at a large investment bank and sitting down to a meeting with the all-male team and doing a double take.
What happens in corporate finance teams across the country is largely reflective of what happens in boardrooms in companies across the country more broadly.
The numbers in the PwC report on Executive directors: Practices and remuneration trends, released in January, revealed that 95% of all Chief Executive Officers on the JSE were male, 87.2% of the chief financial officers were male and 91% of executive directors were male. A total of just 19 women held executive positions in listed companies on the JSE and only 6% of the 329 CEOs are female.
In the early days, pre-2000, there were few women in the finance industry in South Africa and they were, in the main, relegated to support roles. While the onset of our democracy has opened up opportunities for South African women to take their rightful place in teams and in corporate South African boardrooms, there is still a long way to go.
Last night saw the launch of the local chapter of 100 women in finance in partnership with RMB
And it’s a great pleasure to welcome our panel to talk about this Amanda Pullinger, CEO of 100WF Global, Emrie Brown, CEO Designate RMB & Janice Johnston, Chairperson 100WF South Africa