e4's Kevin Halkerd: Popia compliance should not be a checkbox exercise [promoted]

While we are all acutely aware of the Protection of Personal Information Act (Popia), are we considering the most appropriate approach to safe guarding our organisations against the risks and inevitable consequences?
TechCentral spoke to Kevin Halkerd, information security officer at e4 Group, for his insights into what the Popia road map looks like for organisations.
The podcast interview touches on collective review, minimum compliance measures, impact assessments and evidence-based audits – not to mention the fact that we cannot abdicate the responsibility of compliance to third parties.
Halkerd’s experiences and insights into the mood of the Information Regulator are a stark reminder that consequences are going to be forthcoming for those who aren’t compliant.
Halkerd is a certified practitioner of information security with an extensive background in offshore privacy regulations, compliance and information security. He is passionate about privacy regulatory affairs and sees the implementation of privacy frameworks as being beneficial to everyone.
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