The threat is real: CipherWave makes the case for Zero Trust [promoted]

Zero Trust. You’ve heard the term, but what exactly does it mean, and what are the benefits of adopting it as a security model?
In this podcast, TechCentral’s James Erasmus is joined by CipherWave CEO Wayne D’Sa and chief cloud officer Casper van der Walt who share best practice in implementing Zero Trust.
With new working models, more devices accessing the network, increased cybercrime, and numerous other risks, CipherWave explores the practical implications of not adhering to best practice and not ensuring the correct implementation of policy and frameworks.
Data breaches and ransomware attacks happen across industries, companies and countries. D’Sa and Van der Walt unpack how CipherWave approaches cyber risk, both as an Internet service provider and a cloud specialist.
The threat is real. And the results can be devastating to a company that has not done proper planning for an adequate security backup policy. This conversation provides perspective about why Zero Trust is a critical consideration, or at least should be, for all organisations.
30 May 2022 English South Africa Technology · Business

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